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My name's Laci and I help you turn your pain into purpose by creating a new story, so that you can create a life you love. I guide you to your intuitive truth so you can consciously create in alignment with your soul. 

Work With Me

1:1 Coaching

Work with Laci 1:1 so that you can learn how to re-write your story, turn your pain into purpose, and get in alignment with your truth so that you can manifest the incredible life you deserve.


Pain to Purpose

Pain to Purpose is a course that helps you turn your pain into purpose and get in alignment with your truth so you can manifest the incredible life you know you deserve, while making massive money sharing your gifts with the world.


Money Mindset Reset

Money Mindset Reset is designed and created to help you change your subconscious beliefs about money so that you can manifest more money into your life with ease.



Video Trainings

Video trainings for added support so that you can begin manifesting a new reality for yourself immediately.

1:1 Support 

Personalized one-on-one coaching calls with Laci.


Access to Laci via Voxer for quick feedback and questions as you work through the program so that you know someone always has your back.

Birth Chart Reading

North / South node readings so that you will learn more about yourself and your purpose.

Energy Healing

Energy healing using frequencies customized to your energetic field.

Manifestation Techniques

Learn the secrets of the universe and how to apply them so that you can immediately shift your reality and manifest your desires.

Hey, I'm Laci. 4 years ago I was making $12/hour working in retail where I was sick, unfulfilled, and barely making ends meet as a single mom.

I KNEW I was made for more. 

I studied the Law of Attraction, invested thousands into my own personal mentors, and became an expert in manifesting my souls desires. I'm now making over $20K monthly in my business because I'm fully aligned with my purpose. I'm a magnet for the people who need me. And I'm deeply fulfilled with the work I put out in the world.

This is what I'm passionate about helping you do.

I developed a 4 Step Proven Method to help you get in alignment with your truth so that you can become a magnet for the people who need you. You'll learn how to attract the money and success you deserve while creating long-lasting results.

Uncover Your Story

To turn your pain into purpose, make an impact, and increase your income, you need to have clarity in what your story is and why it matters.

Re-Write Your Story

You’ll learn how and why your current story is keeping you stuck and how to re-write your story for long-lasting results. Learn how to tap into your intuitive truth and create a new reality that's in alignment with your soul.

Live Your New Story

You'll get clarity about the life you desire, break down your goals, and implement a strategy that is specifically designed and created in alignment with you. You'll also learn the energetics behind your intuition and how to become a magnet for your desires.

Share Your Story

Your story is the most powerful marketing tool you will ever have. Learn who your story is for and how to share your story to impact the lives who need you, while making massive amounts of money.

Peter Domarchuk

"Something in Laci_Jane gives her the ability to move hearts, souls, and minds, and lives upward and forward. Whatever source she is connected to she channels and articulates all good things selflessly to others."

Vivian Braslowski

Working with Laci was a wonderful experience which helped me see my potential and be able to reflect on ways I can shift my energy, and by doing so, my life. She is personable, full of light and love, and shares from her life experience. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn and grow from Laci and can’t wait for more!

Candy Renee

My experience with Laci was amazing. She truly aims to help you lay the foundation for the life you dream of and build the mindset and confidence to create that life fearlessly.



The first step to getting in alignment with your soul is understanding what that looks like for you. This workbook is designed to give you clarity about the life your soul desires and the science behind what's keeping you stuck.

Conscious Creators is a growing community of resilient women who are committing to getting unstuck, level up, and turning our pain into purpose.  The Conscious Creators Community is designed and intended to bring clarity and awareness about who you are consciously choosing to become.