PAIN TO PURPO$E is a 12 month coaching program that helps you turn your pain into purpose by re-writing your story.  You will learn how to re-write your story, get in alignment with your truth, and consciously create an incredible new story for your life. Easily manifest the incredible life you know you deserve, while making massive money sharing your truth and impacting lives.

And here's the thing...

We will always look for proof our out beliefs.

But a belief does not mean something is true.

 To form a new belief, you have to create a new story.

Then, you must find proof that support your new story.

This is Conscious Creation. 🛠

I'm Ready to Create A New Story

Over 12 Months We Will Apply My Proven 3 Step Method...

Uncover Your Story

To turn your pain into purpose, make an impact, and increase your income, you need to have clarity in what your story is.

Re-Write Your Story

Your mind will sabotage you and your success because it loves the familiar past. This is why we are going to dive deep into reprogramming your subconscious mind and re-writing your story so that you get long-lasting results. 

Create A New Story

We will break down your goals and implement a strategy that is specifically designed and created in alignment with you. The world needs you, your gifts, your passion, and in only the way you provide it.

PAIN TO PURPO$E is For You If:

  • You know you're meant for more, but struggle with limiting beliefs, internal doubt, and low self-worth.
  • You self-sabotage, and are ready to get to the root, and stop sabotaging your success.
  • You're tired of being broke, and you are ready to make the money you know you deserve.
  • You are done living in the past, repeating the same cycles, and ready to get UN-stuck.
  • You are ready to gain clarity and create a wonderful new life for yourself.
  • You're stuck in a cycle of settling for less than you know you deserve.
  • You want to feel empowered and live a happier, more fulfilled life.
This is For Me, I'm Ready!

What You'll Learn

Why a "positive mindset" isn't enough to stop the cycle, get un-stuck, and create lasting change.

How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, abundance, and happiness.

Actionable steps to take to get UN-stuck, stop self-sabotage, and consciously create the life you know you deserve.

How to overcome money blocks that's stopping the flow of abundance to you.

Turn your pain into purpose by getting in alignment with your truth, your passion, and your purpose, so that you can feel fulfilled and create massive impact on your audience.

My secret manifesting techniques I have used to manifest a wonderful job, earn 6 figures in business, and pay off all debt.

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What's Included

One on One Support

You will get text messaging support and personalized one-on-one coaching calls with Laci every month 


Access to Laci via Voxer for quick feedback and questions as you work through the program so that you know someone always has your back.

Membership Site

24/7 access to membership site with templates, recorded trainings, and action steps to keep you in constant forward motion.


Exclusive Facebook community with guest speakers and weekly coaching for added support and education.

Members Retreat Opportunity

Opportunity to attend yearly personal development and business growth retreat for members only.

Money Mindset Reset

Instant and unlimited lifetime access to Money Mindset Reset

I'm Ready To Invest In Myself

3 years ago I was working a $12/hr retail job where I was unfulfilled, unhappy, and broke. 

Since applying my specific manifestation principals inside this program, I was able to pay off all debt, start saving money, and began making $5K, $10k, and now over $15K per month in my business.

I've studied the Law of Attraction for the past 8 years, invested thousands into my own personal mentors, and became an expert in manifesting wealth effortlessly. Now it’s my passion to help you change your financial reality and easily attract the wealth you desire and are truly deserving of.

I truly believe your mess is your message. There is a purpose to your pain.

You KNOW you're made for more. But you're struggling with limiting beliefs, low self worth, and internal doubt that's keeping you stuck in a cycle of settling for less than you know you deserve.

I help you get to the root of why you're stuck and unfulfilled and actionable steps to get you in alignment with your truth.

With my Proven 3 Step Method I help you uncover your story, re-write your story, and consciously create a new story for your life. 

You will learn how to get in alignment with your truth so that you can EASILY and effortlessly attract the money and success you deserve.

Because when you are living in alignment with your truth, life gets to be easy, abundant, and FUN!

Let me help you create a new reality where money is never an issue. Abundance is your birth right & its time you start believing & receiving!

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My Promise to You

  • This WILL be the one and only program you will need to make massive shifts in your life.
  • You will have tremendous breakthroughs and feel empowered after each training.
  • You’ll have my full support and guidance as you progress and succeed this year.
  • I promise to honor your investment in me, in yourself, and in my company.
  • Thank you for letting me guide you on this journey and cheers to YOUR SUCCESS!
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You Are Your Best Investment



Save over $324 by paying in full. Includes lifetime access to PAIN TO PURPO$E with all video trainings, worksheets & exclusive community group.




Includes lifetime access to PAIN TO PURPO$E with all video trainings, worksheets & exclusive community group.